Lectures by Amber Batson

June 5-6 2021:

Saturday 5th June:

Mind The Gap: How do the body and brain interconnect to influence behaviour of the dog.

* How does scent influence the brain?
* How sniffing impacts the gut…
* How the gut influences the brain…
* How the skin influences the brain…
* How disease influences behaviour…

* Chicken or Egg: how does stress influence health and the circle of health, stress and behaviour.

Sunday 6th June:

Give a dog a Bone: What is resource guarding and what can we do about it.

* Types of resource guarding.

* What influences animals learning to protect some resources more than others.

* What effect does stress and types of training have on resource guarding.

* How does health affect these behaviours.

* What options do we have to resolve these issues in the short and long term.

Cost for one day:  euro 110,- ( incl.VAT )

Cost for two days: euro 200,- ( incl. VAT )

Time schedule: 9:30 am – 5 pm (CET)

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July 3-4 2021:
A CPD ( Continuing Professional Development ) for Aggression Course participants only ( ONLINE !! )

Saturday 3rd July:

*Update on new science  (this will be accompanied by a group of slides within a PDF that replace original slides in the aggression modules as new science has emerged that enhances things previously discussed).
* Ethogram update:  presenting some new data on weaning ages, alloparenting behaviours in dogs, movement amounts/ types in dogs, sleep in dogs as examples.
* The Gut-Skin-Brain Axis – let’s call it what it is ….. presenting new canine data on the links between gut and behaviour and skin to the gut to behaviour as well as a more detailed overview of what we currently believe is happening in the communication between gut chemicals and neurotransmitters. This will include a bit of information on how this may also affect learning/memory-making also.
* Neutering – some recent additions to our knowledge on how neutering may impact health and behaviour and what we can do to practically if the wrong decisions were made.
*Update on enrichment options for dogs as part of aggressive behaviour modification. What else do we now know about the neurobiology of enrichment and what is all the fuss about motor lateralization?

*Presentation of two case studies:
–  A multi-dog household aggression case – what worked, what didn’t, how can we work with these cases in a more effective manner?

– A territorial aggression case – what worked, what didn’t, how can we work with these cases in a more effective manner?

Sunday 4th July:

*Applying the 5 step ReProgramme to other behaviour issues:

– It’s use in the sound phobic dog.
– It’s use in the vet phobic dog – including analysis of a recent paper that found desensitisation and counterconditioning to have limited effects at
resolving vet fear issues.

*Understanding a science paper.

* How can we find scientific papers, how do we go about reading them, do we really need to look at more than the abstract and conclusion, how do we know if its a reputable paper or not?

*Question and Answer session about all things to do with aggression.

Cost for the weekend:
Early bird price – book your space before the end of April 2021: euro 150,- ( incl. VAT )
Price after the end of April: euro 175,00 ( incl. VAT )

Time schedule: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

This weekend is no longer open for registration as it’s fully booked