Daglezingen door dr. Amber Batson

Op 12 & 13 september 2020 zal Amber Batson weer 2 lezingen  geven.
In verband met de corona crisis zullen deze lezingen ONLINE worden 

Zaterdag 12 september 2020:

Voor zaterdag 12 september hebben we het maximaal aantal deelnemers bereikt, inschrijven is niet meer mogelijk !

Saturday September 12th is fully booked !

Cavorting Canines – how exercise affects the body and brain of the dog.

This one day seminar looks at the different types of exercise that dogs can participate in and what effects these activities have on  both the body and the brain.

What do we know about how much the dog needs physical vs mental exercise?

Does exercise improve sleep patterns?  And how is that relevant to dog health and behaviour?

Are certain exercises better for some dogs than others?  Does exercise type and frequency matter when dogs are young, adolescent, adult or senior?  Are there are any diseases in dogs which can be affected by the type and amount of exercise a dog is given?

The aim of this day is for both dog owners and dog professionals to understand exercise physiology in body and brain and to consider what the dog evolved to undertake from an exercise perspective and then add to that, what the domestication process including development of different breeds means for our pets.

We know exercise is good for us, but can we over exercise?  Can we use exercise to help reduce disease incidence and to aid the resolution of behaviour problems?

Zondag 13 september 2020:
Troublesome teens – how can we better live with our adolescent dogs?

This one day presentation is aimed at both dog owners and professionals – including trainers and those in the veterinary profession.

Canine adolescence is without doubt one of the trickiest periods of time for people living alongside dogs.  It is the time of most reported behaviour problems including fear development, reactivity and aggression.

This seminar will look at what goes on inside the body and brain of the adolescent including the puberty period.  After-all there are some very significant changes, particularly in brain function that change during this time and that impacts on the dog’s behaviour.

We will look at how this impacts how dogs social interactions change at this time, how their stress levels may change, how their appetite and exercise requirements may be affected, how their play patterns may alter among other behavioural aspects and what this means for us as dog carers and what we can do about it to make our teenage dogs years enjoyable and trouble free.

Neutering is a complicated subject and when this occurs affects the body and brain of dogs so we need to also consider the impact of neutering before, during or after puberty.  What are the pros and what are the cons?  How do we make the choice about whether to neuter and when to do it?

Over dr. Amber Batson:

Dr Amber Batson is a vet and behaviourist who works in the UK having graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 1999.  She undertook individual qualifications in dog, cat and horse behaviour for several years after graduating and has been teaching and working as a vet behaviourist since 2004.

Amber strongly believes that the latest science about behaviour should be accessible to all who live and care for animals so presents in a way to bridge the gap between science and the practical world.

Amber works as a vet, behaviourist and legal expert witness in the UK, teaching animal behaviour world wide and is a member of the IAABC and the ABTC.

1 dag: euro 110,00 (inclusief BTW)
2 dagen: euro 200,00 (inclusief BTW)

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